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题干词 同义词 中文释义
retain keep 保留
abrupt sudden 突然的
abruptly suddenly 突然地
accessible available 可获得的
adequate suitable 充足的
adverse harmful 不利的
adversely negatively 不利地
allow make possible 允许
deposit put 放置
assess evaluate 评估
autonomous independent 独立的
autonomy independence 自治
compelling persuasive 有说服力的
complex complicated 复杂的
complexity sophistication 复杂(性)
confirm prove 证实
constraint limitation 限制
decipher figure out 破译
dismiss reject 驳回
dispersal distribution 扩散
disperse scatter 扩散
enduring lasting 持久的
ensure guarantee 确保
eventually in the end 最终
exclude keep out 排除
exclude from remove from 排除
exclusive sole 仅仅
exclusively only 仅仅
exploit fully use 利用
fluctuate vary 波动
fragment piece 碎片
hasten hurry 催促
ideal perfect 理想的
ideally perfectly 理想地
impressive striking 令人印象深刻的
insure guarantee 确保
integrate coordinate 结合
lucrative profitable 有利可图的
potential possible 可能的
prevail dominate 占优势
prevailing dominant 盛行的
prolong extend 延长
promote encourage 推动
restrict limit 限制
retention keeping 保留
rudimentary simple 基本的
scarce rare 缺乏的
scarcity insufficiency 缺乏
seldom rarely 很少
simultaneously at the same time 同时
sophisticated complex 复杂的
sparse thinly distributed 稀疏的
substantial significant 重要的
substantially considerably 极大地
temporarily briefly 暂时
temporary short-term 暂时的
trigger initiate 触发
uniformly consistently 一致地
unprecedented not previously experienced 前所未有的
vigorous strong 有活力的
detect distinguish 察觉
discontent unhappiness 不满
disrupted disordered 混乱的
distinct separate 不同的
distinct clear 明显的
divert redirect 转移
dramatically significantly 显著地
drastic very significant 急剧的
drastically severely 激烈地
duration of length of 持续时间
duty responsibility 职责
ease into slowly enter 慢慢来
emanate from originate from 源于
embraced adopted 采用
emit release 释放
end purpose 目的
engage in practice 从事
essential principal 极重要的
evolve develop 进化
exceedingly extremely 极其
episode event 事件
era period 时代
eradicate eliminate 消除
erase eliminate 消除
excessive too much 过量的
facilitate make easier 使…容易
fleeting brief 短暂的
founding establishment 建立
fulfill achieve 完成
function purpose 作用
hence thus 因此
his imitator the people who copied him 模仿者
implement tool 工具
implement carry out 实施
in profile view from the side 从侧面
inevitable unavoidable 不可避免的
initiate start 开始
massively extensively 巨大地
painstaking with great effort 不辞辛苦的
peak maximum 巅峰
peculiar unusual 独特的
pervasive widespread 普遍的
pragmatic  practical 实际的
precise accurate 精确的
predominantly mainly 主要地
proliferate increase quickly 猛增
recognize accept 承认
resemble look like 相似
resolve settle 解决
scrutiny close observation 仔细观察
skepticism doubt 怀疑
sleek smooth 光滑的
sought tried to obtain 寻求
spurt sudden increase 突然爆发
subtly slightly 微妙地
suffice be enough 足够
suitable appropriate 合适的
surge sudden increase 激增
unfavorable negative 不利的
viable capable of succeeding 可行的
worshiper who visit the temples 崇拜者
a case in point a good example 恰当的例子
abandoned left 被抛弃的
absolutely definitely 绝对地
accelerate speed up 加速
accelerated faster 加速的
accustomed to used to 习惯于
acute severe 剧烈的
adapt adjust 适应
address deal with 应对
adhesive sticky 粘的
adopt make use of 采用
advantageous favorable 有利的
advocate support 提倡
afford provide 提供
aim to do intend to do 打算做某事
akin to similar to 与…类似
anticipate predict 预期
anxiety worry 忧虑
apparent evident 明显的
appreciably significantly 显著地
aptitude ability 天赋
ardent enthusiastic 热烈的
as opposed to in contrast to 对比
assimilate recognize 透彻理解
associate with relate to 联系
assume take on 承担
attest to provide evidence of 证实
augment supplement 增加
back up support 支持
bare it is not covered by leaves 裸露的
bar exclude 排除
besides in addition 除…之外
broaden expand 扩大
capacity potential 能力
cease stop 停止
chronological time 按时间顺序的
coalesced jointed 结合的
coexist live together 共存
coincided with corresponded to 恰逢
collapse all inward 崩溃
collate assemble 整理
compact press together 压紧
comparable similar 可比较的
compensate for make up for 补偿
compile put together 汇集
compound add to 添加
comprise consist of 构成
concept idea 概念
conducive favorable to 有助于
configuration arrangement 结构
confined restricted 限制
conform to match 符合
congestion overcrowding 拥挤
congregate gather 聚集
consensus widespread agreement 共识
consequence as a result 结果
consistent unvarying 一致的
constant continued 连续不断的
constitute compose 构成
constrain force 限制
construct create 建造
consult ask 咨询
consumption use of products and services 消耗
continually regularly 持续地
contribute provide 提供
controversial debated 有争议的
conversely in contrast 与此相反
core center 核心
corresponds approximately to that of something match roughly that of something 大约符合
corresponds to matches 符合
counterpart equivalent 对应物
courteous polite 礼貌的
critical essential 极重要的
culmination end 告终
cultivate encourage the growth of 培养
cycle repeat 循环
decisive determining 决定性的
dense thick 密集的
deplete use up 耗尽